Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One Year Ago

Today I arrived in Prague!!! One Year ago...

I meet Iza, the Polish (the 1st Erasmus that I meet!), and later Sophia asked me something about how to get from Hostivar to the center I think. If only she knew how the next 9 month would be she would’ve run away from me! Heheheheh!! Later we (me, Valerio and Rita) meet Pepe, wile waiting for the check-in. Went to the floor just to see that a lot of the people that we saw in the reception was living in same floor that we did! GREAT!! Then the great adventure in the supermarket! Everything was new and strange… Anyway! Me and Pepe recognize a case of beer and made the biggest entrance in Hostivar, with that same case full of beer, in the 1st hours in a foreign country. How cool was that?!?! That same night there was one, of many, welcome party in some floor. The case of beer didn’t last one night! After this only better things were to come =)

It was a great start to my Erasmus and I’ll remember it for some years!

Now I right this in Lisbon, looking outside my window I see one of the busiest streets in the city always full of cars… I can’t help to think that this is a bit of a steep backwards. Anyway Erasmus was a time and a place and it won’t come back so I have to “feed” my self with memories like the 1st day in Hostivar.

PS: I'm glad to say that I had in my inbox 2 emails about the same subject! One Year Ago! Cheers to You All Mates!!!

PS 2: I can't post pictures because I have to reduce the resolution 1st. I'll do that tomorrow or so...

Airport 13h.36

Hostivar 15h.07

My (hower) corridor 19h.46

First Beer 20h.02

First Party 21h.41