Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Bottom

Only when we hit the absolute bottom can we rise again...
I'm geting close to it.
My life is a bit (read: big) of a mess right now...

I have this poem (it's a bit old but it will do since I have never wrote again) but it's in Portuguese and I'm not really able to translate it... Sorry.

Quero viver numa tipografia!
Ouvir as máquinas todo o dia.
Não importa o que imprimimos...
O importante é que seja a preto!

Não quero adormecer...
Quero estar acordado para as ouvir!
Ouvir todos os "criks" e "craks" ritmados
como se de um exercito se tratasse

A unica luz que quero ver
é a que passa plos buracos do telhado.
A escuridão interior é omnipresente
mas essa não a consigo imprimir...

Vejo oleo e tinta na minha pele.
Quero que seja este o meu sangue!
Não vermelho e saudável
mas negro e vazio!

Nem o mais escuro dos negros me satisfaz!
Não consigo imprimir os meus gritos...
Quero viver a preto e branco.
Sem qualquer cinzento!

I'll post the pic that ilustrates it the best...

Monday, October 30, 2006

And so....

... some pictures!
When I was still in Lagos I tried to take pictures at the sun rise. It was a bit cloudy so I didn't realy see the sun rise... Anyway, some 250 pictures were taken (since I woke might as well take lots of pictures right?!), and maybe I like some 4 or 5... All normal!... Tell me what you think about them!
The last one is my personal favorite...

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Some weeks ago I received this email from Björn (the tall, Swedish, HC man):

"Hey dude!

I dreamt about you last night and you had a big fucking moustache! haha! Burt Reynolds-style! Let me tell you, you should really start growing one! It suits you, trust me hahaheheh!


I was surprised by the strange dream but the thing is that I already had a moustache "Burt Reynolds-style"!!!! And I had a moustache again in the moustache party in Hostivar

Only have one Pic to prove it and here it goes, compared with the "real deal"!

The "real deal"

Me + Moustache! And it works with girls to! (not really...)


Hi again!
Good news (Kidda...) I now have internet at home, so now there's no point going to the faculty. I can just see the world from this 17'' screen =)!!! (you can now understand the "Kinda"...) =So now I'll try (again) to update this blog more often!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

yo, yo

I'll try to do a post as soon as possible!
Not much going on in my life... It's really boring!

C'a all!