Monday, March 26, 2007

"And the winner IS!"

Youtube Video Awards

Is this something or what?! =)


Today I have a good news!

I'm going to a field trip to MARROCO!!!!!
From 28 of April to the 3rd of May.
We'll be camping and I hope It'll be very nice! I'm just thinking about the pictures I'm going to take!!! =D
I wanna go tomorrow!!! I really need to get out of here.... Even if it's only for a some days...
The next weekend It'll be the Rally of Portugal, so I'm really looking forward for that!!!!
VERY fast cars on gravel roads, dust and maybe some nice pictures!
Sound like FUN (at least for me)

Friday, March 23, 2007


Yes... I LOVE cars!
But I'm not obsesed by them!

Some people are!!!!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Monty Python

I spent most of my afternoon watching Monty Python Flying Circus sketches and decided to share one here.
It's one of my all time favorite "Ministry Of Silly Walks"
Hope you enjoy it.

Gato Fedorento My asssss! Isto é que é!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Goodbye Beautiful

I was looking for some fotos to post in some foto site and came across this one...
It's not the best of the photosession. Not the one with better defenition or better light...
What it is is the LAST picture I took in Prague... It was the "swan song", the END. The next picture I have is inside the airport in London...
I know that I talk a lot about Prague and maybe all of you that come here must be bored with that, and all my friends maybe think the same, like: "get over it man!" But the thing is that I enjoy it a lot and I miss the life I had there. All the friends, the concerts, the beer's we shared...
Talking about it is just a way for me not to let it go, just because I don't want to!
Maybe it's just lame but that's the way I am! So if you don't like it don't come here!
Fuck Off!!
hehehehe! =P


Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Present

A friend of mine has her Birthday in the same day as me and I made her a present.
I've been doing these pins, or whatever you wanna call them, for many years now but this one I really like.
I have to say that I only have one myself! All the others turn in to presents because they look nice, are 100% original and cheap!! Good Value! =)

The one on top is mine and the bottom one was the present. I think that the one I made for her was the best one ever!!
Surprised with this skill of mine?! =P

Thursday, March 01, 2007


This challenge came to me by reading "O Prodigio" blog.
The idea is to list 7 things about yourself, so here they go in random order (some will be translatable and some not really... =P):

7 things I do well:
-take pictures
-jogar matraquilhos
-make someone feel like a queen/king
-make someone feel like shit
-dar mimos

7 things I don't do or don't know how to do
-pick up girls
-notice that I'm being picked up by a girl
-ironing (what's the point anyway..... =P)
-read (apart from: BD; car magazines and eveything car related; photo magazines; design/architecture books and magazines)
-be patient with someone that I don't really like
-write english (as you may have already noticed)
-speak/read czech (apart from asking for beer)

7 thing that attract me on the opposite sex
-the smile
-sindroma do lobo mau

7 thing I say often
-merda, caralho, foda-ssssssss (e muitas vezes assim mesmo, tudo junto!!)
-(qlq coisa)...como se não houvesse amanhã
-mine (slang for a small beer in portuguese)
-who's paying this time around?
-my turn to pay!
-just score one goal you son of a bitxxx!
-quantos há?! (nos matraquilhos)

7 actors/actresses
-Brad Pitt
-Eduard Norton
-The LONG list of actresses that I don't know the name but think that they are realllllllly good looking!

And that's it! Anyone want's to have a go? Milene?! =P

Sunset in Lagos

I was in Lagos for 1 week and, because I had nothing better to do, I took some pictures of the sunset. The 1st day my mother went there with me but the next days I went alone. It would be nice to have a "model" and do some pictures against the sun light, it makes nice silhouettes with nice colors. I manage to take some pictures like that but catching the right momment when people are passing by can be hard work.
Anyway! Here it goes...

Having fun with my mother =)

So... What do you think?!