Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tha's it 4 today

I've been two weekends in a row in Germany but I don't have all the pictures here so it will be something to look in the next episode...

Have fun!

PS: has I promised I to Tania I did an update tis week!Hehehehehehe!
Ciao Bella! Chi vindiamo a dopo! (this is soooooo badly speald!!!!)
Ohh and just come to Prague befor we all go back ok Taniolina!!! ;)

Another goodbye...

Carolin also went away this Sunday...
Big and drunk party in Duende and then Lucerna...
I really like this kid (she is 20!) and I will miss her a LOT! Loved every hot chocolate in louvre café, every time we went in the beer garden, every time we danced in lucerna... I could keep on but you got the big picture right?
Later she would confess me that in the beginig she was afraid of me! (go figure...) But at the end we loved each other!
I'll miss you a lot and I hope to see you as soon as possible =) Going my way this summer?! Heheheheh!
After months trying finally I got one picture of her that I like.
It's a sad looking picture but we know all the fun&smiles we had in the gardin that afternoon.

The french girls (smiles and goodbyes)

Elise & Mary went on the 12 of May.
There was a great party in their (very nice with jacuzi) flat.
We were talking during the party that we only meet +/- 5 times during the erasmus but we always had lots of fun and we enjoyed a lot the small amout of time that we were together!
It's strange how can you miss someone even when you are not used to have him arround you all the time...
I miss you girls and for sure you'll be on my mind!

Here and now

Just to continue with this dark mood the bad of erasmus is this part...
To see your friends go away. All of us knew that it would be like this but there is noting that can prepare you for it... The friends that we left back home will be there after the erasmus but these, at least some of them, I know that I'll have very slim chances to meet them again.
It was "here and now", the perfect city and the perfect timing...

Dark ages

The dark ages are here!
When it was winter the cloudy sky didn't really matter to me. After all it was winter!
But now it'sa different story! after lots of rain clouds for 2 weeks and it's getting on my nerves!!
Besides that I have to work and study (had to do something eventually)...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hi there!

No big update today. Just want to inform all that now everybody can post comments in the blog, even if you're not a blogger yourself. I thought that I had done that already... Anyway, it's done now!

Cya for a nice update sometime soon!


Alguem sabe/tem um quarto para alugar no proximo ano lectivo em Lisboa? Ou seja a partir de Setembro?
Esta porcaria do Erasmus é muito giro (é mesmo!!) mas agora não tenho casa em Lx e não tou em contacto com ninguem...
Se alguem souber de algo emailme:

Monday, May 22, 2006

To All My Friends

My friends, all of them that I left back in Portugal! All of them that I love and miss a lot...
To all of you I have to say FUCK YOU!

In 8 months I had 2 friends here and it was really good to have them! But what about the rest of you?! And don't come with "I have no monney" and "I have no time"! I know you! Stop for some time to go out, drink less, smoke less and you'll have monney! And a there were some big weekend's that you could come without missing classes or whatever.
I just think you all missed a great and cheap trip. A beautifull city, nice beer and lots of night life! The lot!

Anyway, that was YOUR loss because I live here! I just would like to share a bit of my erasmus with you!

Miss you all

Thursday, May 18, 2006


As you can see from one of the pic's I'm having (again) some tecnical problems so I will not post more pics today...Maybe it's from the DVD with the pictures, maybe is the computer... I don't know! Anyway it's 16h and I had nothing to eat today so...
See youuuuu arround

Turist life

One of the pic's that I most like

Prague, Turist pictures and everything!


Turists of Tabor

Turist life is fucking hard! I learned that wille my friend was here! At the end of the day we were finished! Anyway, for the first time I was a turist in Prague and was taking pictures like a mad man!
My friend also helped because she is, by far, the best person to take pictures that I ever met! It is very easy to take good pictures of her because she is very confortable when the camera is pointing at her, unlike most people...
We went with more people to a city about 2 hours, by train, from Prague called Tabor. It's small and very nice.
The weather was terrible! She was here for 10 days and during 10 days the weather was bad. Befor she was here and after she left the weather was perfect!

And God Gave Us The MINETTE!

Now, to all of you that say that I only post things about night life (you're right) and that I'm only here to party (you're not that far away from being right) I'm going to post something about GEOLOGY!
YES! You got that right!
To be more specific it's about MINETTE'S
(I had no idea it was a rock!!!!!)
It's an intrusive rock with hi Alcalis content (K and Na)
It's not that sexy and doesn't look that good in pictures. I supose this Minette was just embarassed in front of the camera...

That's life right?!

Had some coments about the "new thing" of the blog... The english "thing"... The problem is that if I right in Portuguese (it would be a LOT easyer to do so) most of the friends that I made here would not understand anything. That would not be fair because they are in some of the pic's and they could not understand what I right. What I'm doing is not that funny! My speling is very bad and I have to think 10x more to right this stupid text but everybody can read it because all of you in Portugal can read this! After all you're not Spanish are you?! ;) Hehehehehe!!!!!

More pics

Picture By Hugo Valerio (with my Camera =P Hehehehe!!)

Time does not go back... Some times it would be nice.

More pics today! Some mixed ones.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I cant (again) post new pics and don't know why! Any sugestions? (braking the computer is one of them but I don't think it will help because now there is only one available)

Monday, May 15, 2006


So what have I been doing?!
Have to do the work of 8 month e 1 and a half that I still have left, so lots of work!
Had a friend visiting me for 10 days. We had a plan to travel by car but that went down the drain. It was very nice to have some new and friendly face arrownd. For the first time I've been playing turist here and I tell u it's REALY tiring!!
Yesterday (14 May) we went to Dresden! Finally we manage to get all together and go. we were supose to go befor and we allready had thee tikets but then there were the flods and we didn't go then. The city is nice but a LOT of contruction work is beeing done so that part was not nice...
Anyway I don't have any pics of all this because they are still in Valerio's computer so until then you'll just have to wait!

Ciao to you all because now I'm going to study (yes, it's true! I'm not shiting you...)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fucking Shit!

Had more pic's to post but this Sh** is giving some stupid error and I can't do noting...
So that's that and until next time!
Leave some coments or somethig! I'd like to have some feedback from the people that see the blog...

Moustache Party

We had a moustache party in the floor!!!!!!
Since the "goodbye party" we had no more party's but this one was good! With postcards and everything! It was great! Even Hitler himself droped by!!
And also me! With some fake sideburns and with a girl that I have NO idea who is! I was just painting moustaches to everybody and it was nice! Heheheh!!

I've been also taking some pictures of Prague by day and by night... So here are some of them.
For sure they would look better with some time of photoshop but anyway...

Train Station

Also went to the train station in Hostivar. I like train stations! Especially If they are like this one! Dark and dirty. I just love the smell of oil and disel fuel!
(I'm sick, I already know that!)
Anyway, the pic's. Some should go to photoshop for some ajustments but that is for another time. Here I'm posting has they came from the camera. The weather was clowdy (as it was normal at that time), what was great for the right environmet of the pic's.
The last one is called "The "|X|".

Full Circle

After some 4 or 5 years on the paper this was the year (and place), to do my (new) tattoo! It was done on the 23th of Feb, one day befor my birthday because I wanted to wake up already with it. I asked Carolin to go with me and take pictures. She is a great photographer and the only demand was to take the pic with my camera because she loves her (and so do I!). She was really nervous (much more than me) and feeling the presure to take good pic's.
At the end the pic's are just like the tattoo, perfect!

Hostivar Park

Went in two diferent days to the Park near the hostel. Despite all the snow the weather was nice! Sun and a warm -4. After -15, -4 is a very good temperature!!
I miss the snow and having everything coverd with it...
Here you have some Pic's. Too of them are also in
The one on the top is called "IceTears" and the bottom one is called "Chocolate Milk"

Sadness & Alcohol

This was a strange party... Mixed feelings. There is not much fun in "goodbye" party's and this one was a double one. Tania and Pepe were leaving... It was hard to take for everybody. In the end the alcohol was running strong in everybody's blood and smiles finaly apear.
All pictures were taken in B&W...
Maybe this was one of the hardest but at the same time one of the best partys we've done!
Some Guy, one day, rote something "smart" for a change:
"Live is full of hello's and goodbyes, we just have to enjoy the in-between"



I don't really know were to start from but I think I'll just start from were I left last time.
The next event on the list was Tania's Birthday were I took the best picture of her EVER! She was happy! This was in late January (looooong time ago =(
It was a nice party with Lucerna music (80's&90's) all night long! =)


So... Here I am again and today with some pic's!
So many things happened since my last big time post...So many "Hello's & Goodbyes" and so many pictures have been taken...
I'll try (and fail) to do a resume of all that..