Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Downhill Downtown

On the 19th of March we had the Downhill Downtown!
Like the name suggestes it's some crazy guys on some downhill bikes traveling at huge speeds really close to the huge crowd...
It's cool!!!! =)

Here you have some pic's that don't make much justice to the event...
It's really nice to see up close and LIVE!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pictures from Marroco

So there you go!
30 pictures from Marroco!!
I hope you like them, and I really hope to get some comments, good or bad, on these pictures!
I want some feedback!!! =P
By the way... Anyway wants to buy some pictures?! Hehehehehehe!!!! (no, really!)

Spain is Realy nice.... Yeah Right! =P

The Bus from the Marrocan Faculty "La Poderosa"

The Power Of Difference

Toma lá com a chibata sua lã mázona!!! =P

Art with olives... =P

Not much photoshop here... It was Natural beauty

Party STOP Napocoi!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I'm alive!
I survived Marroco and even without diarrhea or any other kind of sickness!
I was confused by a Morrocan many times... I gess I have to say that my friends were right all these years by calling me Marrocan... Now STOP IT! =P
The trip was full of small incidents but in the end everything was solved =)

It was a great experience to a totally diferent world! I can't imagine how it would be if the trip was even deeper in Africa....

I'm still working on the huge amout of pictures...
I'll post some when they are ready.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Vila Real

On the 21&22 of April I went to Vila Real, on the North of Portugal, to meet Rui!
It was almost a year since I last saw him. Although the ERASMUS thing is still very fresh in my (and everybody else's), head It was almost a year ago that it finished.
It was his graduation party and we have some tradition about it...
There's a dress code and everything!

I was the official photographer so I took all the pictures of him and his family =P

There's no need to tell that a large amout of alcohol was consumed!

He's still the same and that's good to know =)

Looking Gay like ever!

Getting ready for the party with many diferent "Pussy Magnets"

"Pussy Magnets" doing their "maggic"

In the party

The man looking good =)

All in all a good weekend with good people and beer =D